Tools for sculpture model: part 3

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Ok now, we go to the next one of guide that I will share you the information.

Next tool for sculpture is the material for sculpture. there are many kind of product in the world that you can use in garage kit work. This post is the little example which I would like to introduce.

1. Japan clay(White clay) This type of material is the clay that have white color. Recommend solvent of this material is water. There are many brand that produce this clay. What brand that I use is Homespun. The package is shown below. The color of package is used to identify the weight of pack while product inside is same. This material have some limitation to scrape by normal clay tool. If it's nearly dry and you do some scraping in material, the work will have tittle split space. However I can do some scraping by tool when I put water in material before I do it. I would like to say when I use this material, it is the art of control water in the working.

I get this one from Thai suppler catalog of homspun

2. Epoxy putty (putty A+B stick type) Strongest material that I know for do sculpture. Physically, when we will use this kind of material, we have to put A path together with B path. Then, the material will start to setting, the material will hard by time being. At this time, we can do some sculpture. The material will harder and harder untill you can't do sculpture. you have to put hand cutter or another tools to cut or pick the material. The skin of epoxy material is very strong and hard to do sandpaper. But normally, we will use this material when we have to make some little detail work. Some people use this material to do detail on texture or detail of model coat.

3. Polyester putty: Similar to epoxy putty, Polyester putty have to have two kind of material mix together also. But, Polyester putty is in solute and solvent form that can use Thinner with. This kind of material is really smelly. Many Japanese pro-modeler use this material to produce the prototype of work. I wonder how they can endure the smell of this material. This material is quite strong but you can cut and do sandpaper in it so easy. But during material setting, you have to wait. The time that you wait is up to you control, if you put so much hardener, material will hard so quick. But, not strong. Normally, user will put only few of hardener to resin part. It's work with only few hardener.

I think there are another materials that we can use. Anyway, I let you to investigate and see another one if you prefer another. The polyester clay or normal clay is ok also. I think the limitation of sculpture isn't up to material. It's up to your idea if you work you can do anything.

Thank you some picture from http://www.zealousmodels.com

Last, here is my current work. I hope I will finish it soon. See you ^_^