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Hi all. Long time no see lol. I found that this blog have someone read. He tell me in deviantart page. I'm very happy. Someone read my blog and have the willing power to do sculpture work. that is it. If you wish any page to have the continuous content, you may decided to post or tell them something. Even he/she isn't response to you but I am pretty sure that it will be better than you just read and pass. If you read and have something to said, please do lol.

Back to the point. My lasted work is Street Fighter stuff. Today I have the picture that I take when I did the draft of Rose bust from Street Fighter Alpha series.

Rose is a woman who attend the fighting since Street Fighter Alpha 1. She is Italian fortune teller. Her fighting style is using Soul power and Capcom set her role as the lead character in the story line of ST Alpha series. She is the rival of M.Bison and want to beat the daemon like him. From my point of view, her dress style is closed Yipsee.

Ok. Now start the work. I still use a Epoxy putty A+B as the material of this work. Starting with the foil and the wood stick. Making some round foil at the top of wood stick and mixing some Epoxy A+B. Draft the size of her face with reference picture.

Rose Sculpture Model figure Eltakung ปั้น โมเดล ฟิกเกอร์ ดิน

Don't do any detail in this step but put the material into the foil till it in the shape that you want.
Rose Sculpture Model figure Eltakung Rose Sculpture Model figure Eltakung

Marking the eye and put the stuff then make it smooth to the previous material in the work using your equipment. Then marking the position of mouth eye and nose.

Do the detail. Epoxy putty have the specification that the material will be setting within 1 hour and will be completed solid within 2 Hour. So, hurry up and do the detail with the tip of tools.

After do the face focus to do the heir. I use the foil as the core of this part combine with steel wire. the see the reference and do some detail.

Rose Sculpture Model figure Eltakung ปั้น โมเดล ฟิกเกอร์ ดิน

add more detail and you will have the draft of Rose head. I will update the rest later ^_^




Here is my work. I made a character who come from Kumatanchi in DS platform.

© 2008 Vanillaware/dimple

I really like this character. Cause I couldn't find this character in the figure and key holder. So, I made it by myself.

I made it by Epoxy putty. Iron cord was used as the core of this figure.
I separated hair part in two pieces. The baby oil or vaselline jelly is important to press another part to material without any stuck together. After I finished the sculpting, I sanded with sandpaper number 800, 1000 and 1200. Then I clothed the surface by gray car color spray.

^_^ I hope you enjoy my work. If you want to see another work, you can go to see in my local language blog. ^_^


- My Local language blog -

As I saw a comment that requested me to have another chapter for anime sculpture, I will do translation my work and some of article in my local (Thai) language blog to English language, but not soon. So, if you would like to see any article in my local language blog, please make request to me.

In my local language blog, you will see categories in side bar. If you want to see my model sculpture, please do click in model in the categories. You will see the article that related to what you want for anime model (sculpture).

I hope you will enjoy my local language blog.


Tools for sculpture model: part 3

Long time that I don't update this blog. I think we have a few people who look in my post. Anyway, if I can update, I would like to do it as much as I can. I see two guys comment my blog. I would like to say thank you for them. You make me so happy what I write have someone read. So, if you like someone blog, please don't hesitate to comment to.

Ok now, we go to the next one of guide that I will share you the information.

Next tool for sculpture is the material for sculpture. there are many kind of product in the world that you can use in garage kit work. This post is the little example which I would like to introduce.

1. Japan clay(White clay) This type of material is the clay that have white color. Recommend solvent of this material is water. There are many brand that produce this clay. What brand that I use is Homespun. The package is shown below. The color of package is used to identify the weight of pack while product inside is same. This material have some limitation to scrape by normal clay tool. If it's nearly dry and you do some scraping in material, the work will have tittle split space. However I can do some scraping by tool when I put water in material before I do it. I would like to say when I use this material, it is the art of control water in the working.

I get this one from Thai suppler catalog of homspun

2. Epoxy putty (putty A+B stick type) Strongest material that I know for do sculpture. Physically, when we will use this kind of material, we have to put A path together with B path. Then, the material will start to setting, the material will hard by time being. At this time, we can do some sculpture. The material will harder and harder untill you can't do sculpture. you have to put hand cutter or another tools to cut or pick the material. The skin of epoxy material is very strong and hard to do sandpaper. But normally, we will use this material when we have to make some little detail work. Some people use this material to do detail on texture or detail of model coat.

3. Polyester putty: Similar to epoxy putty, Polyester putty have to have two kind of material mix together also. But, Polyester putty is in solute and solvent form that can use Thinner with. This kind of material is really smelly. Many Japanese pro-modeler use this material to produce the prototype of work. I wonder how they can endure the smell of this material. This material is quite strong but you can cut and do sandpaper in it so easy. But during material setting, you have to wait. The time that you wait is up to you control, if you put so much hardener, material will hard so quick. But, not strong. Normally, user will put only few of hardener to resin part. It's work with only few hardener.

I think there are another materials that we can use. Anyway, I let you to investigate and see another one if you prefer another. The polyester clay or normal clay is ok also. I think the limitation of sculpture isn't up to material. It's up to your idea if you work you can do anything.

Thank you some picture from http://www.zealousmodels.com

Last, here is my current work. I hope I will finish it soon. See you ^_^