Tools for sculpture model: part 2

Most important tools of sculpture is wire. We use wire to build structure of model or figure. The figure which has wire in is become to strong than no one. This is very important because we will rub or slice figure during sculpting, sometime We force against a figure abundantly. So, a figure will broken easily if we don't have strong wire in.

The type of wire is separated in two type in my country. First, the ordinary wire, steel cord, this one is very cheep and quite strong. However, Steel cord has rust so easily when it reach to watery place. I suggest you to use another type of wire, Aluminum wire. there's no need to beware rust.

The simple of using wire in sculpture use two sizes of wire, small one and large one. However, you must be use large wire size suitable for your work, not larger or smaller. When you coil two type of wire together, the wire will be a core of your work. The smaller wire give more surface for material to adhere the core wire, bigger wire.

Now, you knew a lot of tools of sculpt. We have a few of tools that need to know, but I will talk about the step of sculpt a figure before.

The step of sculpt a figure is very simple.
First, you must sketch or draft your work on papers. The view of your working is very important. You should draw at least 3 views to guide your working. The three views is front view, side view and back view. If you decide to work dynamic motion figure, you should sketch as much as you can. I can told you only the anime model is very difficult because translation 2D to become 3D is hard. The guide for this hard point is you must find the relative of line from the picture and sculpture it from this guide. You can see the example of sketch and example of finding the relative line below.

Next time, I will describe the material of sculpture and second step of sculpture. See ya.


Tools for sculpture model: part 1

One important thing on sculpture model is tools. You need the tools for sculpture, scratch and build expect shape. My suggestion for choosing the tools of sculpture anime model should start with a art knife, brush and dental tools. You can see my tools below. If you can't find something like dental tools, you can use pencil or hard wood slim stick and scratch one side to your expectant shape. Don't forget to sand it by sandpaper number 500 and 1000. your major tool must always smooth serface. For the second shape of dental tool from the left, you can use sharp side of dividers instead. Dental tools is used to sprad out exceed material or sculpture surface of your model. Another important tool is brush. You really need bush to eliminate some dust on your art work after you scratch surface by art knife or sandpaper.


My current working

I'm a lazy-man. My previous working are show below. I have never finished my work before but I will use this blog to push myself. I can said only it's quite difficult to work. If you try, you will know. My nature is engineer and never do 3D style sculpture before. Many problem happened to me. Then, my expectation is try to share my experience in my work with Epoxy putty material and Fundo clay (Homespun clay or Japan clay) to people who want to start working on this stuff from zero like me. I tried work on well-know material, Poly-putty but, it was fail because I bought wrong material. The Poly-putty has two type. I bought the one that's very hard to use on model working.

Okey, the topic is next time. Now, let to see my current working.

Elta_kung blog is created

Hello everyone!!

My name is Elta_kung. I'm very appropriate to introduce this blog to all. My opinion is share my experience to everyone who need to create some stuff of anime like me.

Manga of japan is very cool and always on 2 dimension layer. Manga has became to favorite and wide-known in foreign country. Some hardcore would like to get the stuff of favorite character of manga. Truly of the watcher view, Manga character can attach people as same as movie star. However movie stars are aged by time, Manga or cartoon character isn't. Then, that why for some people like imaginary character so much because they can't old and never betray expectation of their fan club.

Back to the point, somebody get some PVC character model(stuff) that is the compiled working 3D model from factory. Many of them are sold by favorite brand like Good smile company, Bandai etc. The look and feel of Jap Modelers stuff are very incredible. I would like to buy some too :D

One day, I though this could be created by ourselves. Original stuff is very expensive in my country because the animation trend. So, My working has been starting from that day to get my original working!!