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Hi all. Long time no see lol. I found that this blog have someone read. He tell me in deviantart page. I'm very happy. Someone read my blog and have the willing power to do sculpture work. that is it. If you wish any page to have the continuous content, you may decided to post or tell them something. Even he/she isn't response to you but I am pretty sure that it will be better than you just read and pass. If you read and have something to said, please do lol.

Back to the point. My lasted work is Street Fighter stuff. Today I have the picture that I take when I did the draft of Rose bust from Street Fighter Alpha series.

Rose is a woman who attend the fighting since Street Fighter Alpha 1. She is Italian fortune teller. Her fighting style is using Soul power and Capcom set her role as the lead character in the story line of ST Alpha series. She is the rival of M.Bison and want to beat the daemon like him. From my point of view, her dress style is closed Yipsee.

Ok. Now start the work. I still use a Epoxy putty A+B as the material of this work. Starting with the foil and the wood stick. Making some round foil at the top of wood stick and mixing some Epoxy A+B. Draft the size of her face with reference picture.

Rose Sculpture Model figure Eltakung ปั้น โมเดล ฟิกเกอร์ ดิน

Don't do any detail in this step but put the material into the foil till it in the shape that you want.
Rose Sculpture Model figure Eltakung Rose Sculpture Model figure Eltakung

Marking the eye and put the stuff then make it smooth to the previous material in the work using your equipment. Then marking the position of mouth eye and nose.

Do the detail. Epoxy putty have the specification that the material will be setting within 1 hour and will be completed solid within 2 Hour. So, hurry up and do the detail with the tip of tools.

After do the face focus to do the heir. I use the foil as the core of this part combine with steel wire. the see the reference and do some detail.

Rose Sculpture Model figure Eltakung ปั้น โมเดล ฟิกเกอร์ ดิน

add more detail and you will have the draft of Rose head. I will update the rest later ^_^


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