1st Zealousmodels meeting: speed draft Predator sculpture

Last week, I attended the meeting of board Zealousmodel which created by Narin(Clayman). He is the professional of Predator sculpture. In that meeting, I met many Thailand pro-models. One is P'Prasit who have many works based on his experiences. Here are the picture from the meeting and Clip of Narin's speed sculpture. enjoy!!

The meeting place at Prasit station

Narin's Predator

many works in table were worked by Prisit O_O

Prasit who worked in Thai model magazine, Hobby model said Here are only few work that he have. But, more of them were destroyed during the migration to his new house.

DD 1/1 Prototype by Prasit

Highlight of this meeting is the speed draft Predator sculpture by Narin

Front is Narin and Back is Prasit.

Thank you some pictures from zealousmodel.com

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I couldn't resist my self to appreciate your work here. I really enjoyed your blog here.
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